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Office Depot Ink and Toner is the right choice for your business! We’re convinced that you can make significant savings when you buy your ink and toner cartridges from Office Depot. We can supply all the ink and toner brands you know and trust – and with superfast delivery, direct to your door. All our branded and own brand ink and toner cartridges are supported by our commitment to quality and cost.

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Inkl. Geschenk
5411421 [5411421]{}

Kompatible Office Depot HP 85A Tonerkartusche CE285A Schwarz


CHF 48.45 pro Stück

CHF 52.18 inkl. USt

Inkl. Geschenk

Kompatible Office Depot HP 508A Tonerkartusche CF360A Schwarz


CHF 104.00 pro Stück

CHF 112.01 inkl. USt

Inkl. Geschenk
6904728 [6904728]{}

Kompatible Office Depot HP 950XL Tintenpatrone CN045AE Schwarz


CHF 23.45 pro Stück

CHF 25.26 inkl. USt

Inkl. Geschenk
3728470 [3728470]{}

Kompatible Office Depot Canon PG-540XL Tintenpatrone Schwarz


CHF 14.95 pro Stück

CHF 16.10 inkl. USt

Why Compatible Cartridges?


Common sense for your printer

All of our compatible cartridges come with a 2-year product warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee, and they can be used as a direct replacement for the product originally supplied by your printer manufacturer.


Common sense for your pocket

Our compatible cartridges cost less than the best-selling original equipment manufacturers (OEM) equivalent. Unlike the economy cartridges available on the market, Office Depot compatibles are filled with the same amount of ink and toner as the original capacity cartridge to give you the best value for your money. And on the subject of saving things…


Common sense for the planet

When you purchase an Office Depot compatible cartridge, you’re actually saving 1.36 kilos of plastic and metal waste from going to landfill! Additionally, all empty inkjet or toner cartridges you recycle with us will be sent for remanufacturing or offered an end of life solution that complies with our zero landfill policy.


Our Warranty Our guarantee – a promise to you – is for all of our imaging supplies to meet or exceed the performance of the branded original. To prove our commitment, we offer a 36-month guarantee on all our toner cartridges. If, in using our products under normal business conditions during the warranty period, they fail to perform to your expectations, please contact us for replacement or credit.

Guarantee It’s your right to choose your brand of toner cartridge. Afraid a replacement cartridge will void your warranty? Or that you can be charged for service to your printer if you don’t use a cartridge produced by the original manufacturer? The truth is, you can use whatever replacement cartridge you want in your printer. Simply put, it’s illegal for a printer manufacturer to require you to purchase or use a particular brand of cartridge. Any sales or service person that says otherwise is misleading you. An original equipment manufacturer cannot void your warranty because you exercise your right to choose a preferred brand of printer cartridge. Please make this clear to any service person or original equipment manufacturer representative who challenges your right to choose the inkjet or laser cartridge of your choice. Your satisfaction is guaranteed on all Office Depot remanufactured cartridges.

Our cartridge remanufacturing programme Office Depot® Brand laser print cartridges are developed and built in the most technologically advanced ISO 9001:2008-certified manufacturing environment in the industry. All Office Depot laser products are put through a rigorous, 10-step patented manufacturing process,using the highest quality toner and components – to guarantee optimum text and graphics print quality. Not only is every cartridge 100% post-tested, only ‘virgin’ empties (cartridges that have not been remanufactured before) are used. And all Office Depot cartridges utilise 100% new drums and wiper blades. Digitally auto filled with toner powder (and using only chemical toners for optimal, OEM-like performance), every Office Depot® Brand toner cartridge is guaranteed to be defect-free in both material and workmanship. Our cartridges can be used as a direct replacement for the product originally supplied by your printer manufacturer – and they’re free of patent infringement.

Quality Assurance Read more about the 10 Steps to Quality Assurance.

Quality Benefits Read more about why Office Depot is common sense for Quality Benefits.

Recycling Our cartridge recycling programme We care about the environment, so we’re doing all we can to protect it. Our free recycling service is fully compliant with current environmental and waste regulations. This ensures you’re fulfilling your environmental responsibility.

The benefits Did you know that over 350 million cartridges are thrown into landfill annually? These can take up to 1,000 years to decompose. The Office Depot programme helps you achieve your environmental compliance goals and saves you money by reducing waste collection expenses. In 2012, Office Depot – and our customers – recycled in excess of 229,000 cartridges throughout Europe via the Office Depot recycling programme. That’s a staggering 200+ tons of waste diverted from landfill. By signing up to the programme, you’ll be helping to increase the number of cartridges recycled – and saving valuable non-renewable resources.
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